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About Us


Our Vision, Principles and Mission
We want a world which is free from exploitation in which all the parties involved in tourism industry benefit equally in relationships between industries. Tourists and some host communities are based on respect and trust.
How we work
Our campaigns are sparked by needs reported to us by communities and different organization at the destination countries or by the travelers who have witnessed some problems on their holiday.
Rights-based approach to tourism
Tourism generates some positive benefits as well as some negative effects. Communities who have somewhat great control within tourism development are able to direct the development according to their own priorities. In the rights-based approach
• Local communities must have right to participate in decision making about the tourism development where they live.
• Tourism industry operators and some governments must be held accountable to people whose land and cultures are utilized for benefit of the tourists and the tourism industry operators.
• Strategies must be prioritized in order to empower people to have a say in development of their country and communities and the capacity to shape the tourism development for some equitable benefit.
• Attention must be given to the marginalized and the vulnerable groups like women, minorities, children, indigenous people and illegal workers working or who are affected by tourism industry.

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