Arches National Park


Rooting its name from the rich colored red sand stones, the Arches national park holds extreme beauty with its naturally sculptured arched shaped rock formations. The park is replete with dozens and dozens of arch shaped Red stone in varied sizes which offer diversity of outlook to the sea-engulfed natural rock habitat. There can be no other place other than the Arches national park which can offer a splashing view of the land in an artistic set up of innate scenery. It is one of the most preserved parks on account of the incessant deterioration occurring due to the erosion of the once magnificent cliff mountains.

The Arches national park covers an area of 76,359 acres and flaunts the beauty of more than 2,000 arched shape rock styles which toil up to enormous heights. It is located over the Colorado River which underwent great amount of erosion leaving behind monumental highlights of landscapes which have become one of the most spectacular views of the parks in USA. The largest arch shaped feature has dimensions of 306 feet; with many new still being formed due to the incessant water activity that since decades has been seeping away the heavy salt deposits from the base and eroding the solid Red stone in artistically creative ways.
The Arches national park has a high tourist rate with a massive influx of tourist figures reaching up to 700,000 on annual basis. Though this is a great source of income and appreciation of the land; yet it also tends to threaten the preserved fragile state of the Red stone arches which are definitely viewed and toured by all those who have journeyed long to experience the greatness of the Arches national park. Directed trail routes have therefore been patterned out to guide the tourists cautiously without doing harm to the unique beauty of the arched landscape. An inland sea was once the living look of what now stands as the barren Arches national park and glaringly evinces towards the devastation that has taken place over the 300 million year span of time.


The Arches national park apart from being a staunch display of dried and preserved rocks is also a homeland to a living world of aqua life. The transient pools, fairy shrimps, insects and tadpoles are the top views of the water; while there is another highlight of the park- the contorted black ground; which is a micro-ecosystem that has some of the earliest earth’s life forms- the cyanobacteria still living through the millions of years and becoming an important source of interest for biologists and botanists.


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