Badlands National Park USA


The Badlands national park in USA is one of the most phenomenal and thrilling parks that exhibits glimpses of some very horrific mountainous landscape engulfed in stormy atmospheric conditions. It is nowhere near the ordinary concept of a beautiful park replete with natural splendor of flowers and human induced monuments but rather poses a fierce and unique outlook similar to a fanaticized scenario. The dark and threatening weather is an incessant condition that hovers over the acres of mountainous area and tends roll chills down the spine.

However, this inimitable fusion of haunting land looks and mysterious weather condition are the focal point of the Badlands national park that are of the interest to millions of people. it draws in hundreds and hundreds of people each year who want to get hold of the spectacular spooky landscape that has emanated into a sensational fancy backdrop due to water activity; which one the one hand has obliterated the cliffs and mountains and on the other hand has naturally given a great addition to the rich heritage of parks in USA. It is one of the most distinct and remarkable charms of natural chiseling of the hard rocks.

The Badlands national park was established in 1978 and stretches over more than 100 miles in South Dakota. Also called as ‘The Wall’, this 244,300 acres long Badlands national park tends to flaunt a rocky and sculptured barrier range which offers a great hiking trail; highly thrilling and definitely a vacation spree land lovers must visit. A back-country horse ride trip, historical updates, dramatic views of foothills in multi shades of red, orange and purple layers, walking trails of juniper forest, saddling and the incredible 60 types of grasses found in the unique landscape, Black Hills National Forest and the Wounded Knee Museum are some other experiences worth going for. The great numbers of rock lovers are permitted to cover these fantastic views and places at their peak; from early May to mid August.

Apart from the current importance as one of the most popular tourist national parks in the USA, the Badlands national park also have a great historical background; which like its name and present outlook have many petrifying details of the past. Many ancient beasts have once been known to walk on these lands; whose fossil bones can still be found in the upheavals of the fearing mountain park.


These fossil remains account for the park as being one of the world’s most fecund mammal fossil beds. Other similar incidents also include historic massacres and ghost dance. It also has importance from the religious perspective too as it was a scared stronghold of the Oglala and still has their preservation’s. These historic places are too the part and parcel of the thrill of roaming and touring the Badlands national park.



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