Bangkok nightlife


Bangkok’s nightlife lives by its reputation of being wild with some famous areas such as Patpong, Nana and Soi Cowboy. But at same time it is very relaxed, somewhat safe, enjoyable and fun. Rapidly establishing itself as the Asia’s capital of cool, Bangkok’s diverse nightlife features everything from the excellent live music, good jazz clubs to some ultra-cool bars, some trendy clubs and some great restaurants and just go beyond its once-upon-a-time naughty and sleazy image.

Bangkok’s nightlife has also been mentioned in the popular culture in Murray Head’s song named One Night in Bangkok with infamous quote which means that one night in Bangkok can make any hard man humble. While choruses extol explains Bangkok’s reputation and the exciting atmosphere in his song named the American in music video which denounces this city including some of its red-light district as muddy Old River and as reclining Buddha. Bangkok is also well known for its massage parlors.

Bangkok has been discovered to be one of safest and relaxed cities in the world. Bangkok’s nightlife ranges from the live music in jazz clubs to some world-class restaurants. The once very sleazy image of Bangkok at night has also been virtually eradicated during the past 30 years. Bangkok is t only place in the world having pink taxi cabs that cater the transport needs of the LGBT tourists and some residents.

Even unescorted women can also enjoy Bangkok safely and without having any problems. Each bar has different show of girls, different bar games and a variety of stereos competing for attentions of patrons. Cabaret shows in Bangkok’s nightlife have tendency of featuring some transgendered performers.

Drug violation is usually handed out with severe penalties than in Western world. The price of domestic beer in Bangkok usually ranges from $1.44 USD to around $2.87 USD while cost of some imported beer ranges from around $1.92 USD to around $4.79 USD. The price of taxi service for 1-kilometer drive ranges from around $0.13 USD to around $0.18 USD. Due to lower prices for alcoholic beverages as compared to major cities of the North America and the Europe majority of customers are local students who are usually attending university.

The Lamsalee sub-district caters more to local crowds than the international tourists with dance clubs catering towards regular stream of customers. Tourists are more likely to head towards Si Lom sub-district with Soi 2 being more for the young adult crowd with nightclubs playing dance music and Soi 4 being more easy-going with a variety of restaurants and places to drink alcohol.
Thailand is famous for somewhat racy nightlife entertainment and among the madness is thriving cabaret scene. Every night tourists pack into various different venues for entertaining show that is full of some laughs, some music and some dance. Lady boys are main attraction and many are very beautiful and very talented performers that take pride in this art. In Thailand’s top shows include, Simon Phuket, Tiffany’s, Calypso Cabaret and popular newcomer The Playhouse Theater.

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