Big Bend National Park


Big Bend National Park roots its name from the large bend that tends to surround the region in the Texas-Mexico border. It is one of the remotest state parks of the US which has the lowest figures of tourist inflow with only an estimated record of 3000, 000- 350,000 visitors making an entrance into the vast territory on annual basis. it is one of the richest state run parks of the US that has a strong standing on paleontological resources and geological studies. It’s national significance from the point of view of study, preservation and landscapes goes unparallel.


The 801,163 acres of state owned land faces certain rule implementation; on account of Rio Grand; that functions as an international border between the US and Mexico, which tend to limit its access in the US and so holds its regulatory supremacy till the center of the deepest river channels. However, the grandeur of the park tends to be the richest of its kind with human effort and investment quite discernible from its maintenance and recreational development facilities. It has diverse richness of fossil organisms which are of great attraction from the archeological perspective that gives an insight into the past wild and natural habitats of the Big Bend National Park.

Some of the special highlights of the Big Bend National Park are the mixed dramatic climatic conditions that serve as the thrill, entertainment and appeal throughout the years in every season and therefore; have every type of activity running in its vicinity for a true vacation experience of exotic locations, fun, backdrops, wilderness, deep canyons, rivers, deserts and plantation. The ‘all seasons’ characteristic accounts for its massive richness and superiority over other national  USA parks on account of almost every feature of other parks being a sight in this grand national park.


Swimming, fishing, hiking, leisure, personal boating and backpacking guided tours are some of the interesting facilities available. When it comes to experiencing the appeal of the seasonal changing in the park, bird watching tends to stand out as the most fascinating experience as migration birds of over 450 species tend to make landings in the vast beauty of this USA Park. Certain water recreational activities of the Big Bend national park are accessible through acceptable forms of identification and passports for water routes that tend to coincide or demarcate the boundaries between the US and Mexico.

Another very spectacular characteristic of the grad Big Bend National Park is that it is also a home to certain species of life which are found nowhere else in the united states such as the Chisos Oak. It’s also is a homeland to 600 vertebrates, 1200 species of plants, 3600 insect species, cougars, kangaroo rats, Mexican black bears, prey animals,

The road trails also tend to be some of the classic sights for viewing the charm of supreme floral growth with certain special types of the pink and white bluebonnets, cactus, wildflowers, etc being a fantastic scene of natural beauty at its best.[codepeople-post-map]

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