Burj Khalifa- the tallest man made tourist attraction


Burj Khalifa is the tallest freestanding building in the Middle East that has a tourism based concept as its underlying motive of inception. This majestic skyscraper structure is the tallest man-made building in the world that stands at a grand height of 2,722 feet and is one of the national highlights of Dubai that has earned it great recognition in international tourism.


Burj Khalifa is foremost appealing on the ground of its fabulous architectural design that offers the majestic structure a unique look that is definitely enticing and evinces towards the standard and grace of services and facilities you would find in it. As obvious from its height it offers some of the most sensational views of one of the most beautiful cities of the world during the dark hours and also tends to offer you the experience of floating in the clouds; which often is a great sight during the day when the top floors of the building are engulfed within the drifting clouds.


What more serves as one of the greatest backdrops with regard to its geographical location is that it has the endorsement of a fabulous lake view of exotic aqua shade along with the beauty of the infrastructure of the surrounding vicinity. International firms and investment companies have readily availed the office floors of this highly packed tourist resort to promote their business which is one of the greatest hue and cries of Dubai.


It’s construction initiated in the year 2004 and saw its official launching in October 2009 and opened up for the public in January 2010; to let all relish some of the grand altitude view of the land below from a sky highly standing. An insight into its formation inclines and evinces towards the fiscal shortcomings and outstanding debt upon the country; which through the Burj Khalifa was aimed to attract huge investments and international tourism to increase the inflow of money. In the wake of the financial crisis of the country this tallest building was named ‘Burj Khalifa ‘ in the honor of the UAE president Khalifa bin Zyaed Al Nahyan foir the support he rendered.


Though this now unparallel tourist sight stands as one of the most expensive destinations for tourism and attraction sites, in its earlier months had charges of up to US$4,000 per sq ft; it had major portions of its floors empty which counted up to 900 apartments. Only now there is a competition to get a place and so when you’re out for a vacation spree in the Middle East; this is one of the top quality destinations you would not want to miss out on. It’s a world of fun, tourism, business, leisure and a strong hold of majestic views.[codepeople-post-map]



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