Central Park


Central park is one of the urban recreational areas that has been one of the greatest national assets since 1962 and was framed and chalked out on the architectural concepts drawn out by Frederick Law Olmsted in 1985. It is one of the best state parks that has an ocean of magnificent sights to witness; which is the reason why it has such a massive influx of visitors and tourists pouring in on annual basis with figures reaching approximately 35 million.


The park bears similarity to London’s Hyde Park and Munich’s Englischer Garten in size and cultural position. Having rich vegetation; it offers a great relief in summers and adds to the charm of the appeal. It is in fact one of the most naturally rich parks in the USA; where mostly a barren landscape is the geographical look of majority of the national parks.


This central park offers a great view in-between the city life and flaunts the grace of tall buildings around its vicinity. During winters the charm of the snow clad view renders such a classic look of a chilled and breezy atmosphere that seems barren yet truly serene and tranquil and still has a lot of human traffic to admire the charm of this massive park.


Central park maintenance is governed by the Central Park Conservancy on contract basis with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation. The maintenance cost of the park scores around $37 million on annual grounds with hefty programs of park development like the provision of horticulture, monuments etc. the central park offers a vast areas of landscape that has beautiful views of human made artificial lakes which have the natural style of presentation with walking paths throughout the zone to facilitate access to every nook and corner.


Apart from the water features, the park also has some recreational activity areas such as ice-skating rinks, Delacorte theatre, summer festivals, a central park zoo for kids with a wide species of animals. There is also a Central Park Conservatory which tends to have natural woods and offers spectacular experience of a forest adventure with many birds and animals species. In fact this is one of the greatest tourist fascinations and activities while out on recreational and leisure trips.


The multi colored trees along water bodies is another every phenomenal feature that has appeal and is a factor of instant attraction when venturing out in the open lands of woods and vegetation. There is a well framed out network of tracks to facilitate the locals for jogging, cycling, skateboarding, skating and walking. It really is a fabulous place for the family and friends who can enjoy that.[codepeople-post-map]


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