Deer Park


Deer park was founded in 1892 by Simeon Henry West who named the park on the basis of the fact that it was a landscape which flaunted a great homeland to an indefinite number of deer’s that roamed about wildly in the parameters of the land. Located in Texas, USA, in northeast of Babylon, It was a hamlet residential area which later on went under deliberate progress to stand as one of the most enjoyable wildlife and amusement parks. As the name suggests, the deer park is a natural habitat of deer which are seen roaming around offering great thrill and excitement to the incoming visitors.


Deer park has rich chronological events of historic developments with regard to human settlement, agricultural economy and development as a park. It was a great industrial area before 1940 with farming as the most dominant aspect of earning and cultural practice. However, now the size and functionality of the park are way different and more inclined towards recreational and leisure spot for people apart from flaunting the charm of the immense appeal and fabulous presence of the innocent deer. The park features many picnic spots, playgrounds, strolling areas and even has certain joyrides for the purpose of amusement.


It is also one of the most thrilling winter parks during the seasonal changes with the fantastic snow clad trees and deer population in the chilled atmosphere being one of the special highlights of the deer park. The magnificent far fletching open grasslands exhibiting views of sand dunes and mountains meeting horizons offer it a safari park look with vegetation and vastness of land harboring many other specials of animal and plant life.


Water features are also some of the great tourist views which offer many lakes and ponds amidst some very chill drawing views of forest density and magnificent naturally sculptured trees and rocky features. Apart from the natural beauty of the deer park, there are also the more luscious human induced efforts that flaunt rich and groomed park areas with trails and routes for easy access to all areas of the park land. For kids this small zoo park also has a petting zoo with some very innocent and less fierce animals such as wild cows, donkeys, moose, ducks, birds etc.


For the whole family the exotic pool arenas offer great fun and recreation during summer with a lot of services and facilities for enjoying, knowing and experiencing the fun of the small zoo-type deer park that offers more functional purpose than just being a homeland to wildlife; in particular the deer. It’s one of the family national parks that has a lot of hustle and bustle and keeps the activities and fun going around the whole year.[codepeople-post-map]

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