Disneyland park


California’s Disneyland Park is one of America’s most renowned amusement parks that needs absolutely no introduction when it comes to talking about offering an arena for amusement, thrill and enjoyment for kids and grownups alike. When paying a visit to California; a trip to this Walt Disney theme park becomes inevitable if you really want to know what the height of entertainment can be. It’s a magical world of characters, fairy tales and live entertainments which is a world in itself that has its own hustle and bustle and attracts millions of people to its spectacular arena of leisure. Established in 1955, its popularity amongest the most fascinating amusement parks goes un parallel.


This Disneyland Park is the power house of the world of cartoon characters and has lavish and prodigal sub-themed lands within its parameters to offer diversity and heaps of fun to the masses making an influx into the world of fun. It is divided into Tomorrow land, Fantasy land, Frontier land, Main Street, critter Country, New Orleans Square and adventure land. For kids the Disneyland Park is a dream come true to see great fun of disguised cartoon characters, food and toy stalls and the joyrides; which can certainly not be missed out on.


This amusement park is in fact renowned for some of the best rides in the world; with security and safety as the priority of the authorities no matter how perilous or terrifying the ride. However, it’s just not the rides and the stalls in the Disneyland park that are the only sources of entertainment, in fact night time is a true blast of fun with many live performances of stage shows and magic shows, songs along with fabulous display of creativity of color and excitement with the daily dose of fireworks to keep alive the rocking atmosphere of the never-ending nights of joy.


Entertainment is taken to new dimensions with many planned and guided events and tours with seasonal celebrations; a trend that exhibits the cultural richness in a fun filled manner. Many stalls and shops are setup to provide and cater to all sorts of needs in gifts. Amidst the lights and noise the Disneyland Park also has great arrangements for dining for families. The Disneyland Park also ensures guest safety measures, vacation packages, offers and discounts and also has residential arrangements in its own setup of hotels that are of standard and offer full services to the touring people.


The massive setup of this amusement park has facilities and services which are rated above all the amusement parks worldwide; no wonder the attraction and influx of millions and millions each year. Despite the massive crowd; the maintenance and preservation still stands on quality grounds.

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