Dubai is a beautiful city in the World


Dubai emirate is located on southeast coast of Persian Gulf and is one of seven emirates that make up this country. It has largest population in UAE approximately 2,106,177 and second largest land territory of 4,114 km2 after its capital named Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are only two emirates which have veto power over the critical matters of national importance in legislature of the country. The city of Dubai is located on emirate’s northern coastline and it heads up the metropolitan area of Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman. Dubai is often misperceived as some country or city-state and in some cases UAE as whole has also been described as Dubai.

Tourism is very important part of the government’s strategy to maintain flow of foreign cash into this emirate. Dubai‘s lure for the tourists is based mainly on the shopping but also on its possession of some other modern and ancient attractions. As for the year 2010 Dubai was 7th most visited city of the world with around 7.6 million visitors per year. Dubai is also expected to accommodate around 15 million tourists by the year 2015. Dubai is most populous emirate of seven emirates of United Arab Emirates. It is also distinct from other members of UAE as large parts of this emirate’s revenues are from its tourism.

In the year 2012 16.4% increase in the inflation affected this city’s restaurants and hotel business. In the early August of 2013 plans for Dubai’s first underwater hotel named the Water Discus Hotel were also publicly revealed. Developed by Polish company named Deep Ocean Technology Water Discus will be world’s largest hotel of this kind and will be in addition to other two underwater suites in existence at the Dubai’s The Palm Atlantis accommodation venue.

Dubai has been named the shopping capital of Middle East. Dubai has more than 70 shopping malls including world’s largest shopping mall named the Dubai Mall. The city draws large number of shopping tourists from countries within this region and from as far as the Eastern Europe, Indian Subcontinent and Africa. Most of the boutiques, electronics shops, some department stores and some supermarkets operate on fixed-price basis other outlets allow negotiation as well.

The Burj Al Arab is located on artificial island which is around 280 meters that is 919 ft. from the Jumeirah beach on Dubai shoreline and is connected to mainland by private curving bridge. It is managed by Jumeirah Group and built by the Said Khalil. Construction started in the year1994 and was completed in the year 1999. The design by Tom Wright belonging to WS Atkins PLC is designed in order to symbolize urban transformation of Dubai and to mimic sail of traditional Arab dhow.

The hotel costs around $650 million to build. At around 321 meters that is 1,053 ft. and 60 floors it was world’s tallest building used exclusively as hotel until completion of Rose Rayhaan by the Rotana on23 December of 2009 also located in Dubai. The cost of staying at suite begins at around $1,000 per night. The Royal Suite is most expensive at around $28,000 per night.

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