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Dunns River Falls is very famous waterfall


Dunns River falls is at about 180 feet that is 55 m high and around 600 feet that is 180 m long these waterfalls are terraced like some giant natural stairs though with some incorporated man-made improvements. Some small lagoons are also interspersed among vertical sections of the falls.

The falls empty into Caribbean Sea at western end of somewhat attractive white-sand beach. Climbing these waterfalls is popular tourist activity which is often but not exclusively performed with help of some tour guides from this park. It takes around 1-1.5 hours to climb with some short breaks for video recordings and photographs taken by the guides.

The falls are bordered by some lush green vegetation that also shades area from the sun and keeps area and the climbers cool. The climb can be hard so it is often undertaken as hand-holding human chain which is led by guide to make it easy.
Dunns River falls are fed by the spring water which is very rich with calcium carbonate and is also depositing travertine. Such waterfalls are also described by geologists as living phenomenon because they are continuously being rebuilt by sediments in the spring water. Dunns River falls is one of very few travertine waterfalls in this world which empties directly into sea.

Dunns River falls is most famous waterfall in Jamaica near the Ocho Rios and major tourist attraction that attracts lot of visitors every year. Through these waterfalls water plunges over route of around 180 meters that is 55 meters down. The falls are very huge and natural steps. The vertical parts of this waterfall are interspersed with some small lagoons. Climbing falls is also popular tourist activity.

The falls are surrounded by some parkland with lush and green vegetation that protect this area from the sun. The falls can be climbed with ease usually by forming human chain by holding hands supplemented by presence of a guide. In the year 1657 a decisive battle took place on this very spot between English and Spanish troops.

For fee you can relax on beach or just climb with a guide to top of the Dunns River falls. You can also splash in waters at bottom of them or just drop into cool pools higher up between cascades of water. A beach restaurant serves some lackluster snacks and some good drinks, dressing rooms are also available.

If you are planning to climb falls just wear sneakers or just sport some sandals to protect your feet from sharp rocks and to prevent from slipping. Climbing falls with crowds is a chance to experience around 180m that is 600 ft. of cold and clear mountain water. In contrast to heat swirling around this splashing water hitting the face and bare legs is cooling on some hot day.

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