Everglades national park


Everglades National Park is named for the natural region of the tropical wetlands on account of the fact that it tends to offer protection to 20 percent of the southern region of the wetlands of the original everglades. This state park is the largest subtropical home of wilderness that has an annual inflow of over one million people. In terms of ranking of being the largest; it secures its standing at number there after the death valley and the Yellowstone national park.


The Everglades national park is renowned for numerous features and traits of its landscapes, offers, services and holds the honor of offering unparalleled landscapes for the endangered animals, as one of the richest world heritage, international biosphere reserve and as a wetland of international importance.


Though initially it came in to existence for the protection and safeguard of a fragile ecosystem; which suffered greatly due to human activities after their settlement in the wetlands, it now tends to have a massive diameter of functionality, objective and recreational aims for not only the perseveration but also for the promoting of the importance of the natural habitat of animals to create awareness through the most loved activity of recreational and leisure facilities.


Everglades national park is all about mainly the wetland areas and that too has a wide options of landscapes and features that have numerous water body aspects such as dry grass water lands that project a barren look and evince at the damage done o the natural vegetation by the human settlements; while on the others hand those areas of the Everglades national park flaunt the magic of rich and luscious grasslands with water trails that offer great tracks and contrasts of blue and green for some of the spectacular scenes of fecund land features.


The Valley Rivers, open lakes tend to provide great views at sunset and also offer boating facilities to relish the true sights of the water lands. Another great aspect near the water spots are the ancient and historic hut settlements which are a source of attraction and curiosity to know what life like was before the development of the park. The mega highlights of animal and reptiles are the American crocodile and the elusive Florida panther. The free state of nature offers a very natural environment that tends to be a factor of excitement for the incoming and touring visitors.[codepeople-post-map]

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