Forest park


Forest park is the heart of the city of St. Louis and is considered as the most treasured national resource areas and falls under the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks, Recreation and Forestry along with 105 other national USA parks. As the name suggests it is one of the forest parks that offers and flaunts the charm and grace of dense natural growth; offering some of the wildest experience of forest adventures to the incoming tourists and local visitors.


In its early history it featured wetland landscapes but with improvement strategies it now flaunts better views and locations which feature meadows, trees, ponds, artificially human induced lakes. The dense forest tends to be a major factor of attracting a great amount of bird species to the forest park; serving as one of the most liked activity in the national park land area.


Forest park came into being in 1876 and is situated in the western part of St. Louis in the US and covers an area of 1,372 acres. It is known for having hosted several significant events which include Louisiana Purcgase exposition, Kingshigway Buolevard, the Olympics of 1904 etc. Some of the greatest tourists’ attraction spots include the St. Louis art museum, Missouri history museum, and the St. Louis Zoo. It has had a master plan that was deliberately put into practice by government authorities to enhance and promote the restoration facilities along with developmental projects aimed at offering fun and recreation to visitors.


Tracked routes, ranger programs, camping and hiking are the some of the dominant activities if you want to venture in the deep forest side. Outdoor attractions also include wildlife sightings, lakes, monuments and statues. There is also a great line up recreational facilities offered by the forest park at the ground area such as visits to museums, theatres, memorials and many sports arenas such as playgrounds, skating rinks, soccer fields, volleyball courts, tennis courts, shared trails archery and recreation centers.


Picnic spots in some of the fabulous natural locations to offer tranquil and serene views of natural beauty are also framed out and pinned to allow people to enjoy hours at some of the best family spots the forest park has to offer. Apart from all this the forest park also has celebration events with fabulous light programs such as fireworks at night which tend to inspire and stock up the masses of some of the best ways to pass the night hours at the park. Many light effects such as fountain lighting also add charm to the view and beauty of the park.


The great forest park balloon race is one of the most interesting annual events that is celebrated during summer and offers a platform of a good social get-together at a single national venue and it is attended by hundreds and hundreds who enjoy the sporty environment of the park.[codepeople-post-map]

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