Glacier National Park


The glacier national park is based in the northwestern Montana and is one of the greatest and most tranquil views of still exquisiteness that is the start of a fabulous journey of fun and exploration. It offers some of the best places for vacationing that feature and offer blossoming new horizons of snowy mountainous leisure spots with many great views of glacial effects ; having an abundant exhibition of wild life such as bears, wild cats and mountain goats.


The far fletching open woodlands have human induced monumental and structural routes that tend to guide and give access to the vast parameters for a great adventurous route on foot through the woodland and forest areas.


Tourism can be a great treat with some of the special highlights of the homeland of sensational lake spots such as the St. Mary’s lake, the special moonlight views of the swift current lake, lake McDonald, the Grinnel glacier; which is one of the easiest accessible hiking glacier for tourist, two medicine lake, Logan pass drive, the hidden lake and many more.


Encompassing an area of 1,000,000 acres of land on the Canadian- Us border it is one of the largest state run parks that entertains a vast number of ecosystems. Having many striking features of its habitat; it is a home to over a thousand of animal and plant species and also has over 130 lakes that exhibit a fantastic geographical look to the region. Established in 1910, this park has a lot of historic architectural features as some of the rich heritage of its vast characteristics. The geographical features of the parks have Canadian vegetation features of colored trees is one of the special views seen in the open land that has great beauty

The glacier national park apart from the charm of its natural geographical and vegetation appeal is also open to a number of recreational and touring activities. Fishing spots, camping, water and rocky lakes and enticing views that bear spectacular regional features of both the US and Canada. The colorful Canadian vegetation colors render a glaring difference of views that indeed are worth the sight and the tour.


The grace and splendor of the park has made become one of the popular spot for ceremonial events like the wedding. The lodges’ facilities have all the best of dining, festive, entertainment and guided tours to the most striking locations. Earning a soaring national income; this national park is definitely a place to tour for the summer.[codepeople-post-map]

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