Grand Canyon National Park


America is one of the top countries in the world that is a home to a diverse range of distinct geographical parks which shine out as the best of their kind. The Grand Canyon national park in Arizona is one such sensationally incredible national park that gives some of the most sweeping views of artistic land cuts found in the world.


It’s rocky layered look surrounded with a water track in twisting snake style; offers so much attraction to the sight that without doubt it draws in at least over 5 million people annually. Having a size of 1,217,403 acres, it is one of the largest state-run parks in America which features ancient rocks that date back to 1.8 million years ago. The place is of immense interest from the geological point of view for the geologists who are still in persistent efforts to trace out the mystery of the factors that lead to the emanation of the river which encircles the layered rock mountains.

The Grand canyon national park route is through a plateau which initially gives no glimpses of what lies ahead and its upon reaching the location that you come face to face with what true beauty is. Apart from its own glory and grace of geographical features; it also offers great view of the Colorado River, which is again a great interest of hundreds of people. Though there is an abundant land mileage of rocky land, yet the Grand canyon national park has many vegetation areas to offer coolness and diversity to the barren mountain attraction sights. The North Rim evergreen forests are a perfect place for tourists to spend time in leisure in an environment that is renowned for the cleanest and freshest air in America.

The Grand Canyon national park though rocky and tiresome also has mule rides to facilitate a slow and steady ride in the magnificent sights of altitude with so much richness of and features; that one needs no other recreational place to be so mesmerizing. Since the national authorities aim at facilitating maximum tourist convenience, the Grand Canyon national park also has a special setup of cell phone service that allows people to wander out alone on the long routes of the park and make frequent contacts with park rangers through audio signals encase guidance, assistance or help is sought.


Such efficient facilities in remote areas tend to evince the amount of effort being made not only with respect to the maintenance and preservation of the these state parks but also with regard to promoting safer and modern means of convenience for the touring people. The Grand canyon national park is definitely one of the best parks to visit in the USA for a rich and thrilling experience that offers a double dose of barren geographical features and evergreen leisure spots.[codepeople-post-map]

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