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Great Falls is a tourist attraction in USA.


Great Falls is a tourist attraction in USA. The census of the year2011 put the population estimate at around 58,950. The population was around 58,505 at the census of the year 2010. It is principal city of Great Falls named Montana Metropolitan Statistical Area which encompasses all the Cascade County and has population of around 81,723.

Great Falls takes its name from series of five waterfalls in somewhat close proximity along upper Missouri River basin that Clark and Lewis Expedition had to portage around over somewhat ten mile stretch the effort required around 31 days of arduous labor during westward leg of the 1805-1806 exploration of Louisiana Purchase and to Pacific Northwest Coast of Oregon Country. Each falls sports hydroelectric dam today hence the Great Falls is nicknamed as Electric city. Currently there are almost two undeveloped parts of the portage route these are also included within Great Falls Portage which is a National Historic Landmark.

Great Falls is located at around 47°30′13″N and 111°17′11″W that is 47.503657, -111.286299 near some waterfalls on Missouri River. It lies near center of Montana on northern Great Plains. It lies next to Montana Rocky Mountain Front and is around 100 miles that is 160 km south of Canadian border.
Great Falls city lies atop on the Great Falls Tectonic Zone which is also known as an intercontinental shear zone between the two geologic provinces of basement rock of Archean period which form part of North American continent. The city lies at southern reach of Laurentide ice sheet which is a vast glacial sheet of ice which covers much of the North America during last glacial period. Approximately about 1.5 million years ago Missouri River flowed northward into terminal lake.

The Laurentide ice sheet pushed this river southward. Between the15, 000 BCE and the 11,000 BCE the Laurentide ice sheet blocked Missouri River and created the Glacial Lake Great Falls. Around 13,000 BCE as the glacier started to retreat Glacial Lake Great Falls also emptied catastrophically in glacial lake outburst of flood. The current course of Missouri River marks the southern boundary of Laurentide sheet of ice.

Missouri River used to flow eastward around glacial mass thus settling into the present course. As the ice retreated melt water from this Glacial Lake Great Falls poured through Highwood Mountains and then eroded the mile-long around 500-foot-deep that is 150m Shonkin Sag which is one of most famous prehistoric melt water channels in this world.

According to the census of 2000 there were around 56,690 people around 23,834 households and around 14,848 families residing in this city. The population density was around 2,909.1 people per square mile that is 1,123.0/km². There were around 25,250 housing units at the average density of around 1,295.7 per square mile that is 500.2/km².

The racial makeup of this city was around 89.96% European American, 0.95% of African American, 5.09% of Native American, 0.86% of Asian, 0.09% of Pacific Islander, 0.60% from some other races and around 2.45% from two or more races. Hispanic and Latino of any race constituted around 2.39% of the population.

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