Green park


Green Park is one of the royal parks of London that encompasses an area of 19 hectares and lies between the St. James Park and the Hyde Park and continues to form an unbroken chain of national parks with the Kensington Garden and the Buckingham palace park. However, unlike the other national parks the Green Park features no water spots such as lakes and ponds, no architectural building and a limited number of deliberate set documentation.


The park holds its ground of appeal and acknowledgment with the pure natural charm of innate growth of grass and trees; offering a rich resort of greenery. The tropical environment is in itself the charm of the national park that has great maintenance and services for roaming and venturing out adventurously in the forest-like scenario.


Green Park holds a historic evolution whereby it was initially a swampy burial ground for lepers from the hospital at St. James. In the late 16th century it came under the state authority from for the developmental and redesigning of the park from the point of view of its functionality came into process. In 1668 this land came under Charles II; which accounts for its recognition as one of the royal parks in London.


The park has great sitting arrangements, proper tracks for jogging and walking, playing and laying around idly in the sun to pass the winter hours in great relaxation. Some of the rocky and vegetation growths tend to combine and flaunt some exquisite innate views which are indeed attractive to the passerby’s.


It offers great views of the Buckingham palace; which has always been held in great esteem by the locals and national and that definitely is a sight visited whenever some takes the trip to the green park. Pierre Granche’s Canada Memorial, Canada Gate, stadium Kanpur, Dublin castle, Kids holiday spot such as Fun and Study Di eco, hotels and convention etc are some of the special places that have maximum amount of hustle and bustle; offering great sites and social activities for kids and grownups.


Apart from this the natural beauty is the main punch line and reason of its name; which provides fabulous sights of seasonal views of the natural vegetation , with each season shoeing color differences and charm I n its own expression of seasonal conditions.


Another great aspect of the park is that despite the overall green environment what accounts for the appeal is that the vegetation and trees all tend to display a different shade of green and offer variation of tones and shed which together form a collage of natural greenery in the most appealing presentation- the natural way.[codepeople-post-map]

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