Hershey park


Hershey Park offers a Disneyland experience of great thrill, excitement and entertainment in a lively atmosphere of amusement and enjoyment in a world of roller coaster rides. Located in Pennsylvania, USA, It initially came into being as a leisure park for employees of the Hershey Chocolate Company and with the passage of time it went under many re-developmental programs and efforts and assumed greater dimensions of functionality and now stands as one of the top amusement parks of the united states that also holds the honor of being awarded numerous awards such as the IAAPA Applause Award.

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If it’s the experience of great fun and heart-sinking rides you want; then this is the place to be. Fabulous altitude views and the curvy ride tracks are some of the very phenomenal sights during the magical experience of fast rides. It initially had a total of 123 rides; which have reduced down to 68 at present with the Wild Cat and the Skyrush being some of the most thrilling options to try out.

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Ranging from the slow paced rides to the high and aggressive thrill rides; there is so much level of excitement for all.Apart from being a home ground of fabulous rides; in particular the roller coaster rides, it also has a resort hotels to facilitate and accommodate visitors and is a privately owned parkland by the Hershey Entertainment & Resort Company.

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Hershey park covers an area of 110 acres and has some extended family recreational activates with features such as the Kissing Tower, the Boardwalk, shops, restaurants and a thrilling chocolate factory-theme ride. Another very interesting of the park is that it also has a wildlife park within its vicinity which is one of the North American wildlife parks that offers great fun for kids.

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It also has many themed locations: such as the Tudor Square which offers full restaurant services, the Rhineland which has shops, the Founder’s Circle, the Hollow Minetown etc are some of the greatest attractions of the site.

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However, it just all doesn’t end here because there is no fun without music and that is why it has a high level of entertainment and recreational zone known as the Music box way that offers a great musical entertainment platform for the incoming masses. Hershey park is definitely one of the best places to spend a few hours of good fun with the family over the weekends with complete satisfaction of every facility and thrill of amusement you may find elsewhere and that too in good service and care.[codepeople-post-map]


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