Hyde Park London


Hyde Park London is one of the most famous national parks of the world that has its conservative touch of royalty as a characteristic that upholds the rich royal heritage of the state. Covering an area of 142 hectares, it has many fantastic zonal areas that tend to offer diverse theme oriented environment for every type of leisure you could possibly want to see or have.


The park stands separate in two parts which back in the time of Queen Caroline were parted into the Hyde Park London and the Kensington Gardens.  Hyde Park is one of the four parks of London which chain up from the grand entrance of the Kensington Park. Though access to the Kensington Garden tends to close down during the dark hours of dusk, the Hyde Park London remains open from 5 am in the morning till midnight.


 Some of the special highlights of the park are its grand royal archway entrances which are adorned and made artistically impressive with naval and military triumphal procession models. The monumental structures and statues hold historic values of intrinsic significance  and are seen scattered at great locations for maximum viewership. Having used marble, tungsten, iron and bronze, it evinces at the investment made in the preservation and enhancement of this royal public park.


The special historically rich sites of the Hyde park London are Tyburn gallows, Diana, princess of Wales memorial, Holocaust memorial,  rose garden, park lane, the Lanes borough etc. apart from this there is an ocean of recreational activities in the different areas of the majestic park whereby strolling, exercise, jogging, swings for kids,  playgrounds, water sites, fountains, flower yards, site viewing areas, animal zones etc.


Hyde Park London also offers great live entertainment through concerts shows and has also taken a leap forward to have fun fair rides from around Europe, markets, bars, cafes, carnivals and ice rinks. The lost of entertaining spots and activities is just endless. It is a great public national park for people of all ages and usually has a high turn up of public on daily basis.


Hyde Park London not only offers a ground for leisure and fun but is also a renowned platform of self-expression of opinions and views pertaining to anything you wish to stand up for. The speaker’s corner has a traditional and historic use of giving vent through demonstrations and protests in the past but in the contemporary use it has become a corner of entertainment through speech. It is in fact one of the distinctive qualities for which the Hyde Park London is known for. For the incoming tourist, this is definitely one of the areas to visit and experience the fun and thrill of the best in UK.[codepeople-post-map]

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