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Idaho Falls is known as a city.


Idaho Falls according to the 2010 census comprises of population which is around 56,813 with metro population of around 136,108. Idaho Falls is principal city of Idaho Falls Idaho Metropolitan Statistical Area and also the Idaho Falls-Blackfoot and Idaho Combined Statistical Area. It is state’s largest city outside Boise metropolitan area and third-largest metro area which is behind Boise City-Nampa and also Coeur d’Alene which is connected to Spokane Washington.

The city serves as hub to all eastern Idaho and most of western Wyoming. Due to its economic vitality, its high quality of life and its proximity to some world-class outdoor recreations it is often featured in different publication lists of some best places to live. The area is served by Idaho Falls Regional Airport and is home to Idaho Falls Chukars which is minor league baseball team.

Idaho Falls has also established itself as regional and cultural destination. The greenbelt along Snake River hosts many different community events like the Melaleuca Freedom Celebration held on the 4th Fourth of July, the roaring youth jam and the farmer’s market. Museum of Idaho is regional attraction which showcases most of local artifacts and local history. It brings in some major traveling exhibits like dinosaur bones, Titanic remnants, Gutenberg Bibles.
Idaho Falls Downtown once struggled as city expanded eastward but it has also revitalized in recent years due to efforts of some local business owners such as The City of Idaho Falls and some other organizations like the Downtown Development Corporation and Idaho Falls Chamber of Commerce. Today it is home to handful of some locally owned shops, restaurants, stores, theaters, galleries and some future revitalization efforts.

Idaho Falls attracts many tourists visiting nearby attractions like Grand Teton national park and some world-class fishing on Snake River. Due to its proximity many outdoor destinations Idaho Falls was named in National Geographic’s list of 100 Best Adventure Towns. Idaho Falls has extensive greenbelt or river belt along miles of Snake River that flows through center of the city.

It is maintained by City of Idaho Falls and mostly receives grants and donations which allow for its occasional expansion. The Idaho Falls Redevelopment Agency IFRA with approval of its Mayor Jared Fuhriman expanded greenbelt. This expansion increased land that was used as adding additional parking at river.

This expansion added in roundabout which improved traffic flow in city around this greenbelt and Idaho Falls Temple. The elevation of Idaho Falls is around 4,700 feet that is 1,400 m. According to United States Census Bureau city has total area of around 22.80 square miles that is59.05 km2 of which around 22.35 square miles that is 57.89 km2 is the land and around 0.45 square miles that is 1.17 km2 is water. Tornadoes are very rare though F2 tornado did hit Idaho Falls area on 7th April 1978 causing no deaths.

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