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India map is located in the southern part of Asian Continent. India map covers the largest area of the Asia. It is the second most populated country of the world, with China at the first place. Pakistan lies to the west of India map. Pakistan was once a part of India. India was divided in 1947 and Pakistan, Today’s India and Bangladesh came into being. Now Bangladesh is located in the west of India map. To the immediate south of India map is Sri Lanka. Nepal and Bhutan also lies in the north of India map. The northern part of India map contains high altitude mountain ranges. They provide India with the third highest peak of the world. The major rivers that makes the land of India fertile also originate from these mountain ranges.

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India is rich in culture. The Official language of India is Hindi. English is also being used extensively for official jobs. There are many other languages that are spoken at local language. It is interesting to know that in spite of the fact that there are so many languages in India, it has no national language. The largest part i.e. 80% of the population is Hindu. Muslims are the second largest majority in India. The 3rd largest population of Muslims in the world is in India. And the largest majority of Muslims in any non-Muslim country is in India.

The total area of India map is 3,287,263 square kilometers including the islands of Nicobar and Andaman. These islands are almost 1200km away from India. This makes India the 7th largest country in the world according to the area. The total population of India is 1,210,193,422. This figure is according to the 2011 census. This makes India a densely populated country. Most of the population is concentrated close to the fertile land of Ganges, Brahmaputra and Indus River.
The capital city of India is New-Delhi, it is a densely populated and modernized city. It is located in the heart of India map. Mumbai is another important city of India. It is also the largest city of India.

The currency of India is Indian Rupee (INR). Previously the country’s economy was majorly based on irrigation. But now India is turning toward industrialization. Weather conditions in this country vary largely with area. The temperature of the northern area is too cold for humans to even survive without proper precautions and on the other hand there are desert area that lie exactly on the equator that makes them hottest areas. The temperature here goes even above 55 degree Celsius.
On the whole India is a country rich in culture, minerals and other gifts of God. It was rightly called “The Golden Sparrow” by the British people.[codepeople-post-map]

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