Joshua Tree National Park


The greatest thing about national  USA parks is that they offer an array of theme oriented parklands which have certain striking features that are unique and hold distinction of their own individuality. For those who love to experience the love of the desert environment in a fresher and cleaner atmosphere then the Californian Joshua Tree National Park is the ultimate state park to turn to. This unique and spectacular 800,000 acres region tends to have certain climatic conditions that have a propensity to mark its highlights which are extreme and definitely a tough ordeal in summer.


Featuring a sparse vegetation , sudden torrents of rain pour, rare vegetation, ancient fossil rocks etc. other great attractions in the Joshua Tree National Park are the creosote bushes, Mojave desert, fan palm oases and certain animal species such as bighorn sheep and golden eagles who are the majesties of the region. The park tends to engulf two large ecosystems and offers a great ‘low’ and high’ desert region. The Colorado Desert occupies the eastern region of this desert park and some other exquisite features have the coastal sides that breathe life on the side it is situated.


One of the greatest special features of life in the Joshua Tree National Park is that reproduction of animal and plant variety. The population is limited as it entirely depends on favorable conditions which this brutal national park tends to offer sporadically and rely on the ecosystem for survival. However, despite the majority of the barren sites in the Joshua Tree National Park, the national parks services have preserved the special and rare glimpses of some of the phenomenal features of the rare and exquisite views such as rocky mountain sculptures and ancient stones, colorful sites of some very unique plants growing against the odds of nature, water pools, different colored sands.

Some other geological factors that tend to amalgamate into a fantastic collage of extreme conditions and natural beauty include Arroyos, pediments, granites, aplite, alluvial fans and tremendous rugged mountains.


Since venturing out in the wild desert national park is neither possible nor desirable for long and deep trips on the desert land, therefore the Joshua Tree National Park offers ranches and stables with horses that tend to make trips to some of the historic places easier. The desert has a lot of historic developments which were initialized in the early 1800’s and then in 1930’s by settlers who came.


Things that one can do at the Joshua tree national park include visiting the visitor center, tracking the natural trials, camping in the open, ranger programs, rock climbing, riding on mountain bikes for a fun filled tour with friends and family. Though it is very remote with respect to traces of life; yet is has potential threats that can cause harm if not taken care.[codepeople-post-map]

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