Mount Rainier National park


The specialty of the parks in USA is that every park stands an invincible ground of appeal of its own which is unique and one if its kind. The wide range of theme oriented parks tends to account for the massive tourist rate and state income that draws in as a result. The Mount Rainier Park is one of the greatest splendors of nature’s beauty that is a full exhibition of the full bloom of sensational multi-colored mountainous flower beds on a once highly active volcano summit.

This is one of the most remarkable highlights of the national park that it offers fun and recreation on peril ground of eruptive land; which has mesmerizing appeal of exquisiteness and tranquility. It is one of the most densely glaciated peaks in the lower forty eight states of America and has three main summit peaks: Colombia Crest, Point Success and Liberty Cap. It has some magnificent features and characteristics of going into cover under the clouds for a fantasy cloud-floating experience amidst snowy mountains that offer a sensational backdrop for tourists and national visitors to appreciate.

Looming over the skyline of Seattle, it displays a vast mountainous region that has snow patched glacial looks to add nature’s touch of creativity. A definite paradise on earth, the Mount Rainier Park is one of the richest and most fecund national parks in USA.

Mount Rainier Park was established in 1899 and spreads over an area of 235,625 acres of volcanic land and offers serene views of landscapes such as far fl etching acres of grassland, snow clad winter trees, lake views with exquisite natural growths that enliven the outlook of the innate geographical features of the state land. Forests, waterfalls, steep lands, rocky regions, countryside features, glacier locations, ponds, sub alpine meadows and the dozens and dozens of varied vegetation are some of the highlights of this incredible park that tends to facilitate a true trip of leisure.


It’s not only the scenes of nature that are the only basis of tourist attraction of Mount Rainier park ; the enumerable seasonal activities such as cross-country hiking, horse riding, skiing and mountain climbing are the greatest alluring activities that fascinate the guests. The base of the Mount Rainier Park offers a great setup of accommodation with the best locations of cottage cabins in the Copper Creek Lodges; which is a historic log building that still stand s and offers service since 1917. Some other very renowned residential spots are the Dream Weaver, forest retreat, Cedar Springs Cabins etc.

The Mount Rainier park has every region and aspect of it grace preserved in the true spirit with route tracks and accessibility made possible for every nook and corner of the natural resort after it underwent ice and land sliding through the erosion of the stratovolcano top portion; which reduced its height to what we have now.

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