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New York map shows that New York City


New York map shows that New York is bordered by New Jersey and also Pennsylvania to south and by Vermont Connecticut and Massachusetts to the east. The state also has maritime border with the Rhode Island east of the Long Island as well as international border with Canadian provinces of Ontario to north and west and Quebec to north. The state of New York is usually referred to as the New York State to distinguish it from the New York City.

New York map shows that New York City has a Census-estimated population of more than 8.3 million in the year 2012. It is most populous city in United States. Alone it makes up around 40 percent of population of the New York State. It is known for its status as center for culture and finance and for its status as largest gateway for immigration to United States. New York City attracts more foreign visitors than any other United States city. Both city and state were named for 17th century Duke of York and future King James II of England.

New York map shows that New York covers around 54,556 square miles that is 141,300 km2 and ranks as 27th largest state by its size. The Great Appalachian Valley also dominates the eastern New York and also contains Lake Champlain Valley as the northern half and Hudson Valley as the southern half within state. The rugged Adirondack Mountains with its vast tracts of wilderness also lie west of Lake Champlain Valley.

The Hudson River starts at Lake Tear of the Clouds and then flows south through eastern part of the state without the draining Lakes Champlain or George. Lake George empties at the north end into the Lake Champlain whose northern end also extends into Canada where it drains in the Richelieu River and then ultimately Saint Lawrence River. Four of the New York City’s five boroughs are located on three islands at mouth of Hudson River. These Islands are named Manhattan Island, Long Island and Staten Island which contain Queens and Brooklyn on the western end.

According to New York map in general New York has humid continental climate though under Koppen climate classification New York City has somewhat humid and subtropical climate. Weather in New York is influenced by continental air masses which are warm and humid one from southwest and cold dry one from northwest.

The winters are very long and very cold in Plateau Divisions of state. In majority of winter season temperature of around −13 °F that is −25 °C or lower can also be expected in northern highlands and around 5 °F that is −15 °C or colder in southwestern and in east-central highlands. The summer climate is cool in Catskills, Adirondacks and higher in elevations of Southern Plateau.

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