North Cascade National Park


North Cascade National Park stands majestically in the North Cascade range and features high mountainous peaks of grand splendor in the state of Washington. It is one of the largest Nationals park service units that comprise the North Cascade National Park Service complex. Rich in glacial views and landscapes it is one of the most interesting hiking tourist attraction for foreigners and locals.


The mixed views of grasslands and snow clad views make it all the more exciting and worth the experience on vacations during every season of the year. The park initially featured 318 glaciers which now have reiterated since 1980 and the rate is still escalating. This park has the second highest mountain range of the country which has unique and innate creative layered patterns which are a fabulous display of how beauty has its own easy of expression which is no less than the artistically human carved efforts.


North Cascade National Park offers great views of water features during summer when the glaciers melt down and offer some great sceneries of natural water fall from within mountain routes; which is indeed a very fascinating sight for viewers. The richness of low ponds and lakes offers home to aqua life; such as fish and other watered ecosystems of micro-organisms. Fishing is one of the most fun activities in the shallow waters; where the sites of wild bears feeding on fish is an even more spectacular sight to experience.


The dry woodland area is another place to venture out for a great forest experience amidst tall coniferous trees having also water oasis for animals. Majority of the area of the national park is open for wilderness and that accounts for why there are less amount of human setups and architectural features. Some of the greatest attractions of the North Cascade National Park are the Cascade pass, Picket Ranges, Mountain Triumpoh, Eldoardo peak and the Mount Shuksan which have some classic backdrop views of high altitudes ; especially during the sunset hours, flaunt the charm of the rocky pinnacles, forestlands and grasslands.


The North Cascade National Park apart from the grace an grandeur of mountains the ground landscapes are also worth the vacation spree as it has numerous zones of land that tend to have their own unique outlook and geographical features. The serene and fabulous turquoise shaded water lakes like Lake Diablo Cascades, is a definite hot spot of tourists. The rich and fecund grasslands offer very sensational features and species of floral and grass vegetation which spread over acres and acres of the national state park.

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