Redwood national park


Redwood national park currently spreads over an area of 133, 000 acres along the northern coast of California and offers protection to the remaining stocks of the tall old-growth forests of the state after a steep decline in its vicinity which was earlier 2, 000, 000 acres in 1850. It was built in 1968 when the state realized the importance of preserving the remaining portion of the rich land after it was cultivated and chopped down in the gold rush by Native American’s in its early history.


It was through the deliberate and cooperative efforts of the California Department of Parks and Recreation which fused together Redwood national park with other four state parks in 1994 to stabilize the precariously endangered forest land. Many endangered species of animals also seek refuge in the dense reserves of this woodland region such as Chinook Salmo, Northern spotted owl, sea lion, brown pelicans etc.

Redwood national park also has great national value as it has been recognized by the United Nations as a World Heritage Site in 1980 and as an international Biosphere Reserve in 1983 on account of the abundance of fecund ecosystem. It is one of the most adventurous types of national parks that has a heavy density of vegetation and is a base for finding some of the most diverse species of vegetation.


The most glaring and attractive characteristic of the park are the tremendously ancient and historic trees that have uniqueness on account of their dramatic and naturally carved outlay and great thick-barked trunks that have the capacity to withhold thousands of gallons of waters.The special feature of the park is that it is a home to the largest and massive species of trees found on earth; thus making its standing even more reliable and rich from the national point of view. Offering great spots for hiking, trips, camping and touring it has its own distinct charm of the concept of fun and tourism.


The tall forest Redwood national park has great grasslands which also have a rich source of water bodies that offer the basic sustenance to the dense forest park. It is not only the forest area that tends to be the reasons of great tourist attraction but also the high magnificent views of short lakes and natural waterfalls amidst a catchy location of the environment.


The parameters of the Redwood national park can be ventured through the fantastic infrastructure that provides easy access to all the nooks and corners of the park land. The flora and fauna is also a factor worth the attention with all sorts of wild growths along with known species offering glimpses of charm to the massive skyscraping forest trees. For tourists the redwood national park offers great residential, dinning and touring facilities


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