Shenandoah national park


The Virginian Shenandoah national park is an extended farmland park that runs along the Blue Ridge over a hundred miles encompassing some of the highest mountainous ranges of North America. This drive route links the north entrance of the park with that of the south entrance and exhibits special views of all the grace and gory of the park. Out of the 200,000 acres of its vicinity; 80,000 has been deliberately allotted to the wilderness, which again is a special feature of the park having animal habitats for black bear, groundhog, opossum, skunks, bobcat, whitetail deer and over 200 bird species. Also the Shenandoah national park is known for an indefinite number of snake species, 5 rare turtle species and 25 fish species.


The Shenandoah national park unlike other state parks is not an outcome of evolutionary natural phase of action but draws a rich history of human settlement with deliberate efforts to chalk out what we have today. The state authorities intentionally acquired privately owned farm lands and members of the Civilian Conservation Corps groomed it into an extended park that featured human induced setups of picnic spots, rock walls, campgrounds, trails and the Skyline Drive.


This popular road drive is not merely a channel of reaching the hot spot of the national park but also a great way to relish and get hold of the magnificent glimpses of the Blue Ridge, Mountains, the Virginia Piedmont and the Shenandoah Valley; which make the 105 mile long drive indeed worth the travel. Apart from the enchanting locations and views, the Shenandoah national park is also famous for the ancient remnants of the ancient civilizations and offers a rich knowledge of the culture and trends of the place. The rich wildlife rate has however, declined despite dire preservation acts whereby many animals such as the American Bison, river Otter, beaver timber-wolf and many more to have become extremely rare.


Shenandoah national park is of replete with great fun filled activities such as hiking, driving, camping, family leisure, campfires, ranger programs for tourists at the sunset over the Blue Ridge, the Wildflower Weekend in May, excursions and many more activities which are held at every location of the extensive hardwood forest landscape.


For an updated account of all the happenings, information and news is handed out in pamphlets. It’s not only the internal vicinity of the park that has value but also the surrounding place. Some of the greatest places of tourist attraction are the vegetation which tends to provide an array of colorful and varied looks with every changing season; especially summer and autumn.

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