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Sioux Falls SD is the 47th fastest growing city in United States and fastest growing metro area in the South Dakota with total increase of around 22% since the year 2000. According to the census of the year 2010 Sioux Falls SD had population of around 153,888.The metropolitan population of around 228,261 accounts for almost 28% of the South Dakota’s population. It is the primary city of Sioux Falls-Sioux City Designated Market Area called DMA a large media market region that covers parts of the four states and has population of around 1,043,450. It was chartered in the year 1856 on the banks of Big Sioux River. The city is situated on prairie of Great Plains at junction of the Interstate 90 and the Interstate 29.

Sioux Falls SD is located at around 43°32’11″ North and around 96°43’54West that is 43.536285, −96.731780. According to United States Census Bureau this city has total area of around 73.47 square miles that is 190.29 km2 of which around 72.96 square miles that is 188.97 km2 is known to be land and around 0.51 square miles that is 1.32 km2 is water. The city is located in extreme eastern part of South Dakota approximately 15 miles that is 24 km west of Minnesota border and around 8 miles that is 13 km northwest of Iowa border. Sioux Falls SD has been assigned ZIP codes of 57103–57110, 57101, 57188–57189, 57117–57118 and 57192–57198 and FIPS place code is 59020.

Sioux Falls SD maintains network of more than around 70 parks and some greenways that are spread throughout this city. Probably best known of these parks is the Falls Park which was established around this city’s namesake waterfalls on Big Sioux River located just north of the downtown. Other notable parks also include Terrace Park, Sherman Park, McKennan Park and the Yankton Trail Park. A popular feature of park system is paved 16-mile that is 26 km path just used for biking, walking and jogging.

The path follows course of Big Sioux River forming loop around the central Sioux Falls with few spurs off main bike trail. South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks have Outdoor Campus located in Sioux Falls where it has some outdoor areas devoted to the wildlife. The Outdoor Campus hosts outdoor activities throughout the year as well these activities include things as snowshoeing and star gazing.

Due to inland location Sioux Falls experiences humid continental climate which is usually characterized by hot and relatively humid summers and some cold, dry winter. It is located in USDA Plant Hardiness Zone 4b. The monthly average temperature ranges from 16.6 °F that is −8.6 °C in January to around 73.0 °F that is 22.8 °C in July while there are also18 days of around 90 °F that is 32 °C + the highs and around 26 days with some sub-0 °F that is −18 °C lows annually.

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