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UK map shows that the United Kingdom


UK map shows that the total area of United Kingdom is approximately around 243,610 square kilometers that is 94, 060 sq. mi. This country occupies major part of British Isles archipelago and also includes island of Great Britain, north-eastern one-sixth of island of Ireland and also some smaller surrounding islands. It lies between North Atlantic Ocean and North Sea with south-east coast coming in 22 miles that is 35 km of coast of the northern France from which it is separated only by the English Channel. In the year 1993 around 10% of UK was forested, around 46% used for the pastures and around 25% was cultivated for agriculture purposes. The Royal Greenwich is located in London is defining point of Prime Meridian.

UK map shows that United Kingdom lies between the latitudes of 49° to around 61° N and the longitudes of around 9° W to around 2° E. Northern Ireland shares 224-mile that is 360 km land boundary with Republic of Ireland. The coastline region of Great Britain covers around 11; 073 miles that is 17, 820 km long. It is connected to the continental Europe by Channel Tunnel which is at 31 miles that is 50 km and 24 miles that is 38 km underwater is longest underwater tunnel in this world.

UK map shows that the United Kingdom has temperate climate with plenty of rainfall which continues all year. The temperature varies with seasons sometimes dropping below −11 °C that is 12 °F or rising above 35 °C that is 95 °F. The prevailing wind is usually from south-west and bears some frequent spells of the mild and some wet weather from Atlantic Ocean although eastern parts are usually sheltered from this wind since majority of rain falls over western regions and eastern parts are the driest.

Atlantic currents which are warmed by Gulf Stream help to bring mild winters especially in west where winters are usually wet and even more so over the high ground. Summers are warmest in south-east part of England being closest to European mainland and also coolest in the north. Heavy snowfall can occur in winter and during early spring on the high ground and occasionally settles to the great depth away from hills.

According to UK map UK’s official language is known to be English. It is estimated that around 95% of UK’s population are somewhat monolingual English speakers. Around 5.5% of population is estimated to speak languages brought to UK as a result of recent immigration. South Asian languages, including the Bengali, the Tamil, the Punjabi, the Hindi and the Gujarati are largest grouping and are spoken by around 2.7% of UK’s population. According to the census of the year 2011 Polish has become second largest language which is spoken in England and has around 546,000 speakers.

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