Woodland zoo park


Woodland Zoo Park is one of the largest animal parks that tend to offer through conservation strategies a natural habitat to some of the most exciting animal species on earth. It tends provide facilities for experiences, inspiration to learn and arouse care and love for animals who tend to be at the brink of being endangered; for which its services are renowned.


The collections of the woodland zoo park include 1,090 animal specimens, 35 endangered and 5 threatened animal species, 7 thousand trees, shrubs and bushes and over a 1000 species of plants. Woodland Zoo Park is a zoological garden located in the vicinity of Seattle, Washington and came into being in 1899 with an initial land area of 188 acres. With the development processes, it sought new dimensions and extension in its parameters in 1902.


Woodland Zoo Park also holds the honor of being awarded the most number of Best National Exhibit awards than any other zoo park in the world. It also holds the honor of having pinned the world’s first immersion exhibit which is a gorilla natural habitat. The tropical rainforest zone of the woodland zoo park features jungle research tend that promotes and assists in the preservation and looking after of the numerous life species such as jaguars, tropical birds, tShe elephant forest, rambling gorillas, colobus monkeys, tigers, hippos, otters etc. the sight and knowledge of finding these amazing animals definitely sparks off the interest and eagerness to visit such a special place of natural beauty and ferocity of wildlife.


This national run public spot has a zoomazium which was opened for the public in 2006 and tends to offer interactive and playground activities which are nature-themed. The greatest excitement of this animal oriented park is the indefinite wildlife encounters which offer a lifetime thrilling experiencing during forest trips and tours. One of the greatest characteristic of national parks is that apart from the exquisite beauty of the nature and animal life; the government tends to promote and ensure many facilities to people so that this national asset may receive great amount of attention through services such as allocation of zones for private events; which may also be ceremonial.


The woodland zoo park is also a famous trip park for schools for the young who tend to not only enjoy the magnificence sights and play around but are also encouraged to know more about the park and the natural heritage with the numerous course of information available by the administration. Summer camping is one of the best activities during summer whereby all activities and blossom of nature is at its peak. With great accommodations; there is convenience and pleasure of fun and recreation throughout the stay.[codepeople-post-map]


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