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World map an overview


World map contains 71% water and29% earth. The world map is mainly divided in 5 oceans and 7 continent. The oceans in the order of largest to smallest are Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Southern Ocean and Arctic Ocean. In beginning there were only 4 official oceans in the world map, but in 2000 a fifth ocean named as southern Ocean was also added to the list and its boundaries were marked. Now all the water beneath 60 degrees in the world map is considered as southern Ocean.

World map constitutes of seven major land bodies, known as continents. The continents in the order from largest to smallest with respect to area are. Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, Australia. If you arrange them in order of population then there is not much difference except that Europe will come at number 3 and other continents will go one position down.

Another interesting face about the continents in the world map is that in some schools students are taught that there are only 6 continents rather than 7. They combine North America and South America and name the combination as Americas. In some other parts of the world, people combine Asia and Europe and name the combination as Eurasia. The Middle East countries are considered to be a part of Asia in the world map. The Middle East countries are of much importance, partly because they are rich in oil and other minerals and partly because they lie on the intersection of Asia, Europe and Africa.

Africa is the second largest continent according to area, second largest according to population but first if we compare the number of countries in any continent. It has a total of 54 countries in it Algeria being the largest one and Seychelles being the smallest one. Some of the most important features of the world map can be found in Africa. For example the Nile river system is in Africa. It is the world’s largest river system. It is said that the population first started expanding from the sides of Nile. Sahara desert, the World’s largest desert, is also in Africa.

Europe is considered as the most important continent as most of the countries in it are economically and politically strong. Asia is the largest and most populous continent. It has many different types of cultures and religions in it. On west of Asia is Europe, on east lies the Pacific Ocean, and on south lies the Indian Ocean. Turkey’s map hold an interesting place in the world map as half of it lies in Asia and the other half lies in Europe. Taiwan also holds interesting position as China considers it as its 23rd province while the rest of world do not accept this claim.

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