Yellowstone National Park


The Yellowstone national park is the first general park of USA that was established in 1872 and is one of the first worldwide inspirations towards the developmental concept of such massive scale state park. It is assumed that the park roots its name for the yellow colored rocks visible in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Renowned for its geothermal features; it is the largest preserved park for the world’s greatest collection of natural geyser’s; especially the Old Faithful Geyser, that has great attraction for the incoming tourists.


Also from the archaeological perspective, it is a fecund source of over 1,000 archaeological sites with remnants of hundreds of ancient structures that have been conserved by the state to add to the list of the historic charms of the country. Rivers, canyons, lakes and mountain ranges are some other special features of the park with some very popular locations like Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone Caldera; which is the largest super volcano of the continent that bears at least half of the world’s geothermal features which are intact due to the incessant volcanism in the region of the Yellowstone national park.


However, amidst all the preservation of the foundations of historic structures and the fecund leisure area, the Yellowstone national park is highly vulnerable to forest fires which tend to breakout every year; doing great harm to the charm and grace of the flora and fauna. Almost 1/3 of the park was burnt down in one of the largest forest fires in 1988. Incessant efforts have once again revived and restored the lost grace of the park as much as possible and though it may not be as spectacular as the other national parks of USA, it definitely is the milestone of the concept of cherishing the rich historic national heritage.


The Yellowstone national park is an affluent legacy of numerous ecosystems; with the sub alpine forest being the one of the most prominent and dominant points of tourist attraction. The park is renowned for being a wild land that offers shelter to a great number of wild animals such as grizzly bears, wolves and Bison. Hundreds of species of mammals, reptiles, amphibians and birds have been documented in the Yellowstone national park which have been videoed by authorities and are sold out to public having the interest.


Moreover, the public can also avail recreational activities such as boating, camping, hiking, sight viewing. Fishing and services for guided trips on snow coaches for information of every aspect of the park through the park are also available for the masses.

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