Yosemite National Park


Located in the state of California, the Yosemite national park flaunts spectacular scenery of deep upheavals of valley views with enticing grand landscapes of natural richness of lakes, grasslands, rocks and waterfalls. It is one of the United Nations World Heritage sites; which evinces towards the greatness it holds in outlook and state significance with respect to affluence and recreational facilitation s. The 747,956 acres of state land offers one of the busiest national parks that has great hustle and bustle of not only elders but kids as well. It is one the greatest summer points to turn to for a great way to celebrate and relish the vacations which is why over 4 million people head its way annually.


One of the greatest and most fascinating features of the Yosemite national park is that it has many great sculptured looks of ancient trees and other natural growths; which cannot be paralleled by even the most adept human induced carving or monument. The uniqueness of some of the tree growth lies in the fact that many species growing in the vicinity of the Yosemite national park have the largest volume, height and are the longest-lived trees in the world. The uprooted roots naturally patterned on the surface cast an illusion of induced carvings; speak of the grand life of the living forest of the park.


The Yosemite national park Apart from the exotic landscape also supports the life of diverse plantation and wildlife and is characterized in 5 vegetation zones that offer unique and attractive natural habitats to Amphibians, mammals, birds and reptiles; who find a free and well secured natural living home. This is one of greatest interest and highlights for the incoming tourists and locals while out on the hiking or roaming spree.


However, despite the dire preservation measures of the National Park Service; many species are endangered to the extent of extinction. Apart from the vegetation and wildlife charm; the Yosemite national park is also characterized by granite rocks and remains of ancient rocks; which are a rich source of geological resource.


The Yosemite national park is renowned for many special tourists spots such as the tunnel view, rock climbing, El Capitan, Granite domes, Kuna Crest, Mount Dana, Clarke Range Cathedral Range etc. apart from offering a land of great amusement the Yosemite National Park also tends to have services for a rich knowledge of the region and profound updates with regard to every feature, culture and history of the park for the tourists to know. The Yosemite Valley Visitor center, Yosemite Museum and the Nature Center are some of the best places to learn more about one of the greatest prides of American heritage.[codepeople-post-map]

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